The Echobuds® fits comfortably inside the ear, producing a lux fit for all-day comfort minus the extreme fatigue.

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of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse. #NSPREDAF

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Limited Edition
NX Pro® PLus

The NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus is 6.5 Inches, 8.0mm slim, 128GB of internal Storage and GSM Unlocked for any carrier.

Restock December 26th
The Ombres®

They're smooth, stylish and shady. The Ombres are the ultimate unisex audio wearables that matches any style, any day.

Audio Wearables
The Solars®

Bluetooth and Bluetech Audio Wearables that eliminates ear plugs and ear coverings. With it's indirectional sound, it keeps the sound private.

Audio Wearables
The Inferno

The Inferno Bluetooth® Polarized Audio Wearables give off an urban & semi-fire polarized glow.

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