NSPRE™ Launches Bluetooth® Wearables

Updated: Jul 30

NSPRE™ Electronics has officially added wearables to its line of lifestyle electronics.

Taking a step from the norm in releasing headphones, earbuds, and smartwatches, they've decided to move forward with Smart (Bluetooth®) eye-wear.

The brand's wearables will first include Bluetooth® ability smart glasses, and they are releasing 2 models.

Model 1 is The Ombres, a simple, stylish, and minimal design. Some of the eye-wear specs are waterproof, nylon lens, and metal hinges for durability. With the ability to use with any Bluetooth abled device, pair with your NSPRE smartphone or your current smartphone.

Model 2 is The Solars, the brand's blue technology lens model. Featuring a white and orange modern molding and clear frame, the model is perfect for extensive computer users and reducing your eyes blue light intake.

The announcement came shortly after the company's NX Pro Plus release announcement. Still, they will release 20 days before the NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus Limited Edition model.

Pre-orders for both models are open, leading to its official release on August 10, 2020.

Pre-order here:

The Solars

The Ombres

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