Phone Service Restrictions

Getting your free services with Tesix Wireless® with your NX Pro Plus LE has some restrictions that must be followed. The following plan you will receive is the Tesix Wireless® PayGo Plan.

All purchases will include your SIM card.

Note: BOGO Deals are only valid with one Free Line Promo.


This plan includes:

Unlimited Talk/Text
Includes all 50 States + Text to 160+ Countries.

1GB 4G LTE Data (NX Pro Plus is 4G LTE)
Once you've used all your data, you can add cash to purchase more data. Various cash-packs available.

Free & Extended Roaming
US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico


Important To Know

    1. Because this is a PayGo Plan you will be responsible for ensuring you remain in your allotted data of 1GB. You will be responsible for any additional charges incurred on your line. If you wish to add more data, you can simply add power packs to your account.
    2. Exceeding your included 1GB of data on your line can cause minor overages on your line per additional GB used. We highly recommend using Wifi Connectivity as much as possible to keep your data usage low.
    3. If you later wish to upgrade your plan to any of Tesix Wireless® other available plans, you will be solely responsible for future charges and plan cost outside the PayGo Plan.
    4. Note: The SIM card will not be activated, to activate your services simply connect with us via chat with your IMEI and SIM card number and we'll get you all set in 5-7 minutes.
    5. This offer is not valid outside the United States. Tesix Wireless® is only available in the US. See coverage here.


What is PayGo?
PayGo means pay-as-you go. However, Tesix Wireless® PayGo plan will include the first 1GB of Data. Afterwards, data cost is $0.04 per MB or $8 per GB. This can be easily added your Tesix Wireless® MyAccount Dashboard.

What happens if I use over 1GB of data each month?
If you exceed your allotted data, you will notice a cash balance on your account. If this cash balance exceeds $4, you will be need to add cash to avoid interruption with your services. You will be able to keep up with your data usage on your Tesix Wireless® MyAccount.

When does my data start over?
Your data will restart at the beginning of each billing cycle; every 30 days.

Will I have to pay anything for my services?
You will be responsible for any additional fees you incur on your account. If you wish to add more data through Tesix Wireless® power packs, you will be responsible for adding. As long as no overage is incurred on your plan, you will not have anything to pay on your end.

Can I port a number?
Yes, if you wish to port a number from your current carrier, you are welcome to do so. If you wish to get a new number, you can activate your NX Pro Plus by getting a new number. 

Note: Porting a number from AT&T and any of their carriers is not available. 

Is there hotspot?
No, this plan does not include mobile hotspot. If you wish to have hotspot, you will need to upgrade to Tesix Wireless® Power Plan.


This plan is perfect for very minimal data users, having a backup line or even a business line.

Order the NX Pro Plus LE here.

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