The NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus is an Internationally Unlocked Device. The NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus works anywhere in the world with mobile carrier. NSPRE™ will ship anywhere in the U.S.A, Mexico, Canada & Africa.


More Space to play.

Powered by the best.

Only $215.99


A step up from standard

Just a little more extra.

The (Limited Edition) NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus Cotton Candy is an extension of the original NX Pro. It is 6.5 Inches, has a much slimmer frame of 8.0mm, and 3D curved glass back finish.

128GB of Internal Storage

256GB in Micro-SD Storage

The NX Pro Plus has more storage to play and store! Packed 128G of built-in storage and a max capacity of 256GB external storage.

Big Battery, Long Use

4000 mAH Battery

The NX Pro Plus comes with a non-removable, 4000mAH super battery. With the Android 10 adaptive feature, your battery is longer-lasting for extended use.

Security First

Unlocking made easy!

Getting into your phone is a breeze. Loaded with Ai tech, the NX Pro Plus has facial recognition, fingerprint, and password smartphone accessing.

Processing Power

SC9863 Octa Core Chipset.

The SC9863 supports AR, artificial intelligence, and structured light functions to provide you with a smart experience. With SC9863, the NX Pro Plus supports any carrier you wish to use; internationally included.

A blind hole & lots of screen

91% of an endless screen.

With a blind-hole front camera, it's placement allows more screen and less clutter.

Powered with Android 10

Just the way you need it.

Some of the newest ways to control your privacy, customize your phone and get things done. It’s Android, just the way you want it.

A dark theme?

Take it easy on your eyes.

Android’s new Dark theme uses true black to keep your battery alive longer. Plus, it also changes how your Google apps look, like Calendar and Photos.

Learn More

Focus Mode.

For getting in the zone and blocking out distractions. Focus mode lets you select apps to pause temporarily. So if you want to turn off a distracting app to get something done, all you have to do is tap.

Triple Action

3 Ai powered rear cameras.

We've stepped the camera feature up a notch for the NX Pro Plus. It includes 16+13+2 megapixels on the triple Ai featured camera.

16MP Main Camera

13MP Wide Angle

2MP Depth Sensor

Internationally Unlocked

Use your NX anywhere.

Use your NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus anywhere in the world. Internationally unlocked for 140+ countries, your NX Pro Plus remains inaction globally. With its Dual Sim feature, you can use up to 2 carriers to ensure the best connectivity with your travel.

The Specs

The Network

  • 2G CDMA: 800 / 1900

  • 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

  • 3G CDMA: BC0 / BC1 / BC10

  • 3G - B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8

  • 4G LTE TDD: B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 / B46


The Processor



Octa-Core Processor

Android 10


The Space Spec

  • 128GB Built-in

  • 6GB RAM

  • up to 256G external


The Body

  • 6.5" Full HD+ Infinity Display

  • 1080x2340 Resolution | 408ppi

  • Corning Gorilla Glass Back



The Connectivity

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz

  • Dual Nano Sims

  • Mobile Hotspot

  • Mobile GPS Connect


The Security Access

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Access


Protected with sensors that reduces False Acceptance / TEE / TrustyOS.


The Camera

  • 16MP Main Camera

  • 13MP Wide Angle

  • 2MP Depth Sensor

  • 13MP Front Camera


The Damage

  • Water-resistant

  • Shockproof


The Battery

  • 4000 mAH

  • 2x Micro USB

  • Non-removable


Starts Shipping:

August 30, 2020

There are only 57 NX Pro Plus Cotton Candy Limited Edition remaining. When you pre-order, shipped with your NX Pro Plus is free merch, two months free with Tesix Wireless, and a 3-year warranty.

Free NSPRE Tee will be shipped with all pre-orders.

Sizes up to 3XL are available. You will be prompted to provide your T-shirt size at checkout.


  • 32G Internal Storage

  • 3G RAM

  • 6.3 Inches

  • 9mm Thick

  • Android 9 (not upgradable)

  • MediaTek P60


  • 128G Internal Storage

  • 6G RAM

  • 6.5 Inches

  • 8mm Thick

  • Android 10

  • SC9863 Octa-Core

  • 13MP Selfie Camera

  • 16MP Main Camera

  • Augmented Reality

  • Dark Mode / Light Mode

  • Hand Gesture Movement

  • Fully loaded Google Mobile Services

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