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My Audio Wearables Aha Moment w/ Founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief

My Audio Wearables Aha Moment w/ Founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief

We all know the pain of losing earbud after earbud-- and the worst part is you can't re-buy a singular bud but instead have to repurchase an entirely new set.

This was me, consistently losing earbuds or getting annoyed with them not staying in place, causing the music to stop. But what does that have to do with audio glasses? I'm getting there, I promise.

Being that I love glasses and nice eyewear, I always have on a pair. I am also always on the go, working or just enjoying downtime, which includes music getting me through the day. And the weird aha moment for NSPRE® releasing audio wearables was indeed random and simple.


The Aha Moment:

February 17th of last year, I believe, I had my earbuds in and, as always, a pair of blue light filtered glasses on. Now, you know, with some particular earbuds, the music stops when one falls out or shifts out of place.

While working, I lift up my glasses, shifting one of my earbuds, and the music stopped. When I pushed my glasses back down, the music began playing again. Almost like, the glasses were controlling the music for a split second.

I remember randomly thinking, "This is what I need; some speakers attached these glasses, at least they'll stay in place-- but I didn't think anything else of it until much later when I misplaced one of my earbuds.

From there, I actually looked up "Glasses with Sound," this was when I discovered it was actually a thing. Still, the very few options were crazy expensive. 

At this time, I already had the NSPRE® smartphone being developed, and I reached out to my manufacture to see about making the glasses happen--and boy, when he said we could make it happen, I was on cloud 5000 for 2 weeks straight, LOL!

After submitting several designs, we finally released the first style many months later, which led to the second style. Now we're on style number 7! 

With one random occurrence, one usual night working turned into one of NSPRE's most loved products. Your support of NSPRE® allows us to continue to push out cool new tech and, of course, more Audio Wearables designs. Thank You!

To you, that's reading this: Write everything down; your ideas are worth exploring! Always, always go with your gut and trust yourself. Our only limits are ourselves.

Grab a Pair of @ NSPRE Solace Audio Bluelight Fluter Glasses here: https://www.nspreelectronics.com/products/solace-bluetooth-glasses 

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