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Blue Light Lens? What's the Hype?

Blue Light Lens? What's the Hype?

Staring at a screen for hours on end has been proven to be harmful to your eyes-- I mean, we are in a digital age of Smartphones, Tablets, Television, and excessive Computer work.

Now yes, we have been getting plenty of "blue light" before modern digital life started. Most of it comes from the sun. But our gadgets tend to populate a life of brighter, shorter-wavelength (more bluish) light.

So what's the Blue Light Blocking hype all about?

All the visible lights we humans see contains the intact spectrum of the rainbow, from red to violet. Within that spectrum are blue light waves, which are said to help us stay alert and upbeat.

Because of this, Blue Lights tend to keep us awake or sometimes slows our ability to sleep. So look at it like this--

When the sun goes down (loss of light signals), our bodies are supposed to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us sleepy.

Before the coming of synthetic light (Screen projections), the sun regulated our sleep schedules. But today, we're bared to light all day and into the night. While exposure to light waves after dark setbacks our bodies' production of melatonin, blue light can be especially problematic because they keep us alert.

...got it?

The Glasses

Blue light has been linked to all sorts of problems, from causing digital eye strains to even the loss of sight. Blue Tech Lens breaks down the light projection from the screens you're using.

You'll notice when wearing your "Blue Light Protective Glasses" such as NSPRE® Solar Bluetooth Glasses, that your screen and even your surrounding will have a low, yellowish hue.

This my friend is the protection at work. They are perfect for gamers, digital workers, and simply nighly mobile device users.

NSPRE® Solars bring protection, Bluetooth®, and style. Not only are you protecting your eyes but you are also getting the benefits of hands-free music, phone calls, and more.
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  • When will they be re-stocked?

    Monica Cheek
  • When will these be restocked? I’ve been waiting so long to get them


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